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Eduardomolina4 about 1 hour ago

Chicken Bowl

Really good I always get the chicken bowl .

Ivannacolumbafigueroa 2 days ago

Hibachi Steak & Shrimp

I absolutely love this place! The prices are good, food is always good. They have the best sauces!

Carsonstepanek 4 days ago

Hibachi Shrimp Entree

This is my absolute favorite meal! The steak is amazing and I love the veggies.

Pennyfort 8 days ago

Shrimp Dumplings (8)

OMG!! These are to die for! I used to go get takeouts (without my husband). I would get an order of dumplings and have them eaten before I got home. I did this multiple times until I messed up and left the evidence in the vehicle! I got busted! So now, we get 2 orders of the shrimp dumplings! Absolutely lvoe this side!

Madisonterrell1549 10 days ago

Teriyaki Chicken

I always go to seasons if I want teriyaki chicken, it has never disappointed me! I'm always super full after leaving here! 😌

Mreif1 12 days ago

Mexican Roll*

very yummy and took so fast for fresh sushi! very impressed!!

Popwellproservices 16 days ago

Hibachi Steak & Shrimp

Some of the best food I have ate. I eat at this place once or twice a week and never get tired of the great food!

Goggansalison 17 days ago

Filet Mignon Steak & Hibachi Shrimp

Great steak

Mayalucas2020 18 days ago

Hibachi Shrimp & Teriyaki Chicken

My food came fast, fresh and it was amazing.They always have awesome service. I would go every week if I could.

Qbmanigo 20 days ago

Side of Teriyaki Chicken

I am always pleased when I go to Seasons of Japan but I have to say today I was very disappointed. I ordered a side of teriyaki chicken with the mixed veggies and received a very very small portion. The container was not full and I thought mixed veggies would be more than onions and 2 bell peppers. I literally counted 5 pieces of chicken. What really made me dissatisfied was that this cost me $5.47. If I would have known that, I would have purchased a larger meal but I wanted to avoid getting the rice. That was a very high price to pay for a small amount and for a customer that patronizes this particular location often. Very disappointed in my purchase today...

Redsharon1 20 days ago

Filet Mignon Steak & Hibachi Shrimp

LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! Especially with the shrimp sauce

Kcanderson 23 days ago

Filet Mignon Steak & Hibachi Shrimp


Adonissmith27 25 days ago

Hibachi Shrimp & Teriyaki Chicken

The food is AMAZING!! Always fresh and delicious to eat. Their chicken and shrimp bowl is my favorite.. Chicken be tender and they give such a generous amount of shrimp in your bowl. Can't forget the shrimp sauce, it's a win-win! Thanks Seasons of Japan.

Monicacameron81 29 days ago

Seasons Bento Teriyaki Chicken

The food and service from Seasons of Japan and a pleasant surprise. Upon ordering I am greeted and met with smiling faces and exemplary service from the cashier. The prices and plentiful options made it difficult to choose just one option. The food came out quicker than I expected and was fresh and made my meal all the better. I sincerely enjoyed the atmosphere and service and I find myself tantalized and constantly coming back the teriyaki chicken and steak and I'm looking to trying more options from the menu.

Kathykinlock about 1 month ago

California Roll

Fresh and affordable!

Sierra about 1 month ago

Super Bowl

Seasons of japan owns my heart! <3 I enjoy going in and getting greeted by smile faces, the smell of amazing food, and walking out with no fear of something in my bag being wrong. My favorite place to eat for lunch hands down. Thank you Seasons!

Shawjordan24 about 1 month ago

Super Bowl

Love the teriyaki chicken and steak bowl! order it everytime!

Calcoleman7856 about 1 month ago

Chicken Bowl

The best chicken bowl I ever had. Seasons of Japan is the best and I always go every season.

Marydmcd5565 about 1 month ago

California Roll

A oridinary roll which had a awesome taste. I am a sushi lover but i wanted the non- sushi (cook) choice to be told because it is extra-orindarily good!

Lisanhoward about 1 month ago

Spicy Tuna Roll*

Best sushi in town. Always made fresh and tastes delicious. I've tried sushi in many other restaurants and Season's has the best, hands down.

Sieesha about 20 hours ago

Hibachi Steak & Shrimp

Always fresh and hot! The workers were away from the food when not making the trays. You order online and pick it up. No common touching to get sauces as they are Already in the bag for you!! Great job!!

Sydneyud 3 days ago

Hibachi Tofu Steak

I have been eating this dinner with an order of crab rolls w/ cream cheese for as long as Seasons has been open. It is my favorite dish here and a favorite in my house. My son and I love to share it every time we can!

Rachel2k8 6 days ago

Super Bowl

So delicious! You get so much food for the price! They steak and shrimp is always made so good. Would recommend this place to anyone.

Eybrady1974 8 days ago

Chicken Bowl

I just love love love their chicken bowl, it is the best by far of any others that I have tasted. They give more than enough food for the price.

Grinagealiyah 11 days ago

Beef Dumplings (5)

I love the Beef dumplings, they are flavorful and they taste amazing with ginger sauce. Seasons of japan is my go to spot!!!

Marcycoles 13 days ago

Hibachi Shrimp & Teriyaki Chicken

Fast, Quick and Friendly!!!

Arreda38 16 days ago

Steak Bowl

My #1 favorite restaurant in Statesboro! The food is awesome and the service is great! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting Asian cuisine!

Vernawilder12 18 days ago

Fried Cheesecake

Fried cheesecake is amazing, a must-try! My 6 y/o daughter loves it and its the only way she will eat it.

Lottaboxes 20 days ago

Monster Roll

Love it! It tastes amazing! And the teriyaki chicken is better than the other local restaurant offering it for $4 more.

Momofcam2016 20 days ago

Filet Mignon Steak & Teriyaki Chicken

My absolute favorite thing to get here! Its always full of flavor and never disappoints. Their service is also always so quick and they always get my order right. Love love this place and the food!

Brianjhowell0507 21 days ago

Filet Mignon Steak & Teriyaki Chicken

My girlfriend wanted seasons of Japan for dinner. I was at work. She asked what i wanted. I said chicken. She got the steak and chicken, because she knows i like steak. But i wanted what i asked for. Your chicken is great! I love the teriyaki. But, your streak... gout sauces are great, but your chefs don't season their beef before cooking,and it shows. Streak needs salt. Please help. I love your food, buy don't want anything to do with your steak.

Shayjones486 24 days ago

Filet Mignon Steak & Teriyaki Chicken

Everything is amazing! The filet is my favorite because I'm not a big steak person but this is absolutely the best steak " filet " I ever had. It's made to order and they make it just right for you! I can't wait to eat at SeasonsOfJapan again! ♥️

V 27 days ago

Hibachi Chicken Breast Bowl

One of my favorite places to eat love their hibachi chicken delicious

Jakherahoward about 1 month ago

Lobster Roll

Every time I order the Lobster Roll from the Berwick Blvd location the food is always beyond amazing.

Makenna about 1 month ago

Red Dragon Roll*

I must say this is the best sushi roll I've had anywhere down here in statesboro. I'm here for college and back home I loved the sushi at a family place down the rode, after getting down here and being introduced to seasons i was more comfortable and less homesick. Once again, my favorite sushi roll.

Kali about 1 month ago

Junior Chicken Bowl

I had the junior teriyaki chicken bowl and it was amazing!! It was hot, the chicken was juicy and there was a good amount of teriyaki sauce on it. I will definitely be returning!

Rwymanrw about 1 month ago

Teriyaki Chicken

The teriyaki chicken bowl is my favorite! It's such a great taste, and this is the best Japanese restaurant in Statesboro! I love eating here

Raeshawnbryant about 1 month ago

Chicken Bowl

The best teriyaki chicken bowl i have ever had. The white sause is great a d complements the meal nicely.

Givenskaisha1 about 1 month ago

Junior Chicken Bowl

They have the best chicken bowls every time I come here they are fast and friendly. The place is very clean and the prices are reasonable I would definitely recommend to everyone. They deserve 10 stars for their service.

Lisanhoward about 1 month ago

Hibachi Steak Yakisoba

The Hibachi Yakisoba meal is one of the best things on the menu. It doesn't matter if you get the steak, chicken or shrimp, it all tastes amazing and is full of flavor. It's a very filling meal and you wont leave hungry. Worth every bite!


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