Seasons of Japan


Seasons of Japan Franchising Opportunity

In the world where the economy is struggling and businesses are failing left and right, there is a business that has grown tremendously over the last decade. That is our company: “Seasons of Japan.”

In 2008, our total revenue has increased a staggering 20% from the previous year. This might sound too good to be true considering the circumstances of our economy, but we believe that it was not just a coincidence that led to this success. Our company motto is high-quality food, fast service, cleanliness, and hospitality. We believe our motto has laid a foundation of success and being faithful to them has made us what we are today.

In 1999, our first restaurant opened in Savannah, GA. The business was just steady for the first 3 years but rapidly increasing a good reputation as well. Since then, our sales revenue has been steadily increasing by approximately 20% every single year. This year marks the 10th anniversary since the grand opening and we know that there’s no better time than right now to expand our business into another level, and we are firmly committed to excellence.

“Seasons of Japan Franchise Group” is our new project. The concept of the project is to have as many people to participate in our business and to share our success with others in large scale. Recently, the Savannah Berwick chain has opened under 4 investors and there’s already a plan in place to open in Pooler and Brunswick, GA. As of now, under the “Seasons of Japan Franchise Group” there are 6 operating locations that inherit our philosophy and concept. They are North Charleston, SC, Summerville, SC, Statesboro, GA, Downtown Savannah, GA, and Berwick, GA.

We believe that in times like this, one of the worst economic statuses in the US history, we can give hope and dreams to people who aspire to make money. It’s very difficult to start a new business, however, we know that possibilities are endless and in hopes to find more investors, we have decided to share our proven formula for success to others. As we have said before, our motto is high-quality food, fast service, cleanliness, and hospitality. Adding one more to that is “cozy atmosphere.” We give people a place where everyone can relax and enjoy just being there and also enjoy our food. We are into revolutionizing the concept of what fast-food restaurant is. Whether it’s a family meal, couple’s special time, birthday, or business meeting, we have created an interior design that accommodates every need.

To Make Your American Dream Come True

Net Worth and liquid assets are terms used frequently in regards to business. Most franchising companies have recently been setting qualification criteria of net worth and liquid assets higher than ever before. In fact, many of the major fast-food restaurants have set their qualified investors to have a minimum net worth over $1,000,000. This means that in order to operate and be qualified for a franchise business owner, one must have financial security and must already be a successful businessman, so being granted to run a franchise restaurant is a symbol for being an upper class in the American society. However, there is only about 5% of the American population who would qualify for that net worth category and that indicates 95% of the American population could not afford to carry a prestigious franchise name to their restaurant. What happens to rest of the people who aspire to own their own restaurant? They are having to start their original restaurants and go through all the learning curves and must build a solid reputation from the ground up, but they need to do it quickly. As we know 90% of all new non-franchised restaurants fail within one year, meaning they face a serious uphill battle from the start.

So what are the options left when all these categories of qualification and statistics of failure rate stand against people who dream to run their own restaurant one day?

Our “Three Investment Options”

We have come up with a solution that will enable and satisfy both upper class and middle class people with our “Three Investment Options” We believe that our plan will be able to grant and give more opportunities to people who dream to own their own restaurants someday. We would like for everyone to have the same opportunity to be successful and become a “Seasons of Japan” franchise owner.

Fill out the form below and any questions you may have and you will be answered by the most qualified representative from Seasons of Japan.