• All of our Entrees are served with choice of Fried or Steamed Rice with Zucchinis and Onions, plus choice of Meats(Steak, Shrimp, and Teriyaki Chicken)

  • Bowls come with Fried or Steamed Rice, plus choice of Meats

Sushi Rolls

  • Sushi Menu with over 30 items to choose from American style Sushi creations

  • All Sushi items are made to order

  • Always fresh

  • Healthy and Delicious

American Influence

  • Popular american food fusion with japanese style of meats such wraps are made to order

  • Choice of meat to pair with either rice, veg, noodle or salad

  • Add spicy or regular shrimp sauce for a light, fresh, fast and delicious meal

Drive-Thru & Online Ordering

  • Currently, there are 3 locations with a drive-thru option

  • This allows customers in a hurry to zip through and grab their food to go

  • Our compressed menu at the drive thru minimizes wait time

  • Accommodates strong needs for customers who finds drive-thru more convenient

  • Online orders can be made by our website and paid by credit cards. It eliminates customers having to wait in line. Perfect for workers with limited lunch/dinner time

  • We continue to find new ways to distribute our products efficiently

Unique Products

  • Our delicious blend of green tea is very unique

  • Its signature “green” color catches the eye of every customer

  • Once they taste this wonderful product, they will be amazed by how light yet flavorful it is

  • We accommodate those looking to eat and drink healthy.

Our Method

  • We keep the standard items for most meals in a hot bar, and restock as needed.These items include: fried rice, zucchini and onion, steak, shrimp and chicken (app. 3 min wait time)

  • Specialty items cooked to order on our hibachi grill located behind a window for customers view:Noodles, vegetarian plates, filet mignon, ribeye steak and ahi tuna (app. 7 min wait time)

  • Items prepared to order in the kitchen: sushi, wraps, fried shrimp tempura,

  • Chicken nuggets/tenders (for the kids), spring rolls, dumplings and cheesecake for desert (app. 7 min wait time)

  • Order placed at register

  • Items placed in containers at the hot bar, expedite items cooked to order

  • Order handed out by an employee at the sauce station.

The Difference

Our company will go to great lengths to stay ahead of the competition. Leaving other restaurants unable to live up to what customers expect.

Seasons Of Japan

  • High quality products specifically produced for Seasons of Japan: Angus Beef, Custom prepared Chicken, Seasons brand Shrimp

  • Generous portions

  • Very fast service

  • Affordable prices

  • Interior creates Comfortable atmosphere

  • Positive attitudes all around

The Competition

  • Middle grade products

  • Smaller portions

  • Minimum 15 minute wait time(Inconvenience for Lunch time Customers)

  • High prices

  • Customers feeling out of place in the lobby

  • Bland attitudes

Our Motto

We try to optimize each customers dining experience by not only creating a “cozy atmosphere” but creating new menu items that strongly satisfies consumer needs.

How It All Started

In the late 70’s, Hibachi Style Japanese Restaurants started to become very popular in America. Most major cities hosted sites for this new ethnic craze.Over the last 5 years the economy has taken a downswing, and those Japanese Restaurants have simply become too expensive to build and operate. As consumes started to take notice in our affordability and higher quality of our Restaurants, our sales have risen tremendously.We serve the same great food at half the price. Over the last 5 years, we refined our system to be very efficient. This allows us to continue serving our product at a lower price.

Average Number Of Customers(Daily)

  • Average number of daily customers is determined by the size and location of each store.

  • It is necessary to have a parking lot that will accommodate a large amount of customers at one time.

  • Popular shopping centers with a stable economy are optimal.

National Development Project

  • Over the next 5 years, we plan to open 100 new stores in the United States, (Investor or Franchise operated).

  • Our mission is to open stores in all major cities. Once the popularity grows in each city, we will expand around each new location.

  • Before the end of 2012, we will have a new store in California and in Florida.

  • Now is the time to take advantage of our popularity. Our goal is to be the largest Japanese Quick Service Restaurant Franchise in the country.

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